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What Our Clients Say


“Thelen & Associates have been incredible to work with as I have had a relationship with them for two decades. They act with integrity, compassion for their clients and continually keep you updated with any necessary communications. Kris is the top lawyer I have worked with during my career and her office team displays the highest standard of professionalism.”



“Without Kris and her team, I am not sure what would have happened to me or my daughter!  Anyone who has been through a high turmoil divorce or custody battle knows the extreme stress it entails.  Even when thrown the most unexpected curveballs imaginable throughout our case, the team at Thelen & Associates worked with such perseverance to ensure everything was taken care of for me and my daughter.  The whole team was friendly, approachable, solved my problems and bottom line, made me feel secure.  My concerns and worries were always heard and met with honesty and compassion.  I had complete confidence that I was not only being represented with fantastic experience, but also a fierce passion.  If you are looking for a divorce attorney who is truly knowledgeable and will “have your back” through the full process, you have met your team.  If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of facing a divorce, for whatever reason, I 100% – hands down – would recommend contacting Thelen & Associates.  You simply won’t find better!”



“Being a client in a divorce case, isn’t not easy… but being an attorney is definitely more difficult… always answering questions, being calm when I’m freaking out, being a reassuring voice when I’m frantically concerned about my children… You’ve been that and more! With out you, these past few years would have been much worse, with out you, this would not have ended with my children and I being safe and happy. With you as my attorney, and being the person you are, I am happy. You are the bus driver who knows the safest way to my destination, and you always picked me up. Thank you from the family you helped create!”