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Helping With Paternity Issues In Wisconsin

A paternity action is typically brought to establish that a man is the father of a child. It may be brought by a party as a means of obtaining child support or by a party who may want to obtain or prevent placement rights to their child.

By Test Or Acknowledgment

Today, with the use of a DNA paternity test, in most cases the father of a child can be conclusively established. Paternity may also be established by signing the Paternity Acknowledgement Form at the hospital, which both parties sign admitting that the man is the biological father.

Our attorneys at Thelen & Associates, LLC are experienced with issues involving paternity actions and acknowledgments. We can help you establish paternity in Wisconsin either with paternity test or an acknowledgement of paternity. But establishing paternity is only the beginning of the process.

After Paternity Has Been Established

Once paternity testing has conclusively established that a man is the father of a child or the acknowledgment is signed, there are many issues to be resolved. With paternity comes the rights and obligations of being a parent. Our lawyers can assist with the creation of the full set of agreements that will govern the child support owed or owing and the placement and custody (decision-making authority) for the child.

These Obligations And Rights Apply Regardless Of Marriage

The child support, child custody and placement of a child can be contentious issues during a divorce. In situations where paternity is a question and then established, they are no less important. Custody is the decision-making authority of a parent with their child. With the obligation of support comes the right to have a say in how the child is raised. Placement will control where the child sleeps and how they spend time with their parents.

Child support requires a complex calculation and is affected, in part, by where the child spends their time and the incomes of the parents. Our lawyers are experienced in handling these complex and unique elements and helping you obtain a child support, custody, and placement agreement that is in the best interests of your child and for you.

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