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What’s The Right Child Support Arrangement For Your Child?

Child support is frequently a difficult issue during a divorce. Parents often wish to minimize what they pay or maximize what they receive. In Wisconsin, child support payments are determined by a statutory child support guideline formula. Understanding how that formula works can help you develop a realistic expectation of the child support you may be obligated to pay or entitled to receive. We will also assist the variable expenses and health insurance premiums for your children.

If you know someone who is receiving or paying child support, do not expect that your amounts will be similar to their amounts, as their situation is likely different. It is important to remember that this formula is statutory and is based on your incomes, the placement schedule and potentially other factors.

30 Years Of Experience Helping Clients With Child Support Issues

Our experienced child support lawyers can help you with understanding the factors a court is likely to use in determining these amounts. We have worked with hundreds of clients during the last two decades, and we have a strong understanding of how these calculations are put together.

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