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Caring Guidance Through The Adoption Process

The outcome of any adoption-related issue will shape a family’s future, so, when you find your family facing one, you want to be sure that you reach your goals. Instead of trying to handle things on your own and risking an outcome that is not what you are looking for, let experienced Wisconsin lawyers guide you through your adoption journey.

At Thelen & Associates, LLC, we have been helping families with all their family law needs since 1991. We understand the importance and delicate nature of these matters, and we want to provide you with the compassionate and committed representation you deserve from your legal representation.

Resolving Your Adoption Needs

While adoption by stepparents and other relatives is the most common form of adoption, we also have extensive experience helping other adopting parties, like infertile couples and same-sex couples. We can help you through all types of adoption processes, including:

  • Public adoption: The pursuit of an adoption through the state system, where many children are living in foster homes
  • Relative adoption: The adoption of a family member’s child, which keeps the child out of the foster system
  • Private domestic adoption: An adoption that goes through a licensed and private adoption agency
  • International adoption: The adoption of a child who is born in a foreign country, which involves dealing with the complex international adoption process
  • Stepparent adoption: The process in which a stepparent becomes the legal parent of a child, which often requires a birth parent to terminate their parental rights

In addition to helping you through these kinds of adoptions, we can also assist with surrogacy agreements. The Paternity of F.T.R., Rosecky v. Schissel (2013) allows gestational surrogacy in Wisconsin, and the related contracts are valid as long as they are not negatively impacting the child’s best interests. We can also review and develop pre- and post-birth parentage orders if the situation calls for it.

Let Us Help You Build Your Family

If you are looking to navigate the adoption process with speed and efficiency, choose attorneys who have been helping families with your exact needs since 1991. Call our offices in Waukesha and Mukwonago at 262-200-8002 or email our firm here to schedule your initial consultation today.