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Taking Control Of Your Divorce With Mediation

Mediation is a different way to settle your divorce. It permits more control for the parties and can be much faster, less expensive and much less stressful. Unlike traditional, adversarial courtroom litigation, mediation proceeds from a more cooperative foundation. Instead of a judge, there is a “neutral,” or mediator. Their job is not to impose a ruling on the couple, but to facilitate resolving of the important matters of their divorce.

Experienced Mediation Advice

At Thelen & Associates LLC, attorney Kris Thelen is also a certified divorce mediator in Wisconsin. She can work as a neutral, or she can help advise individuals as their attorney during a mediation. While mediation is less formal and stressful than a court hearing, the importance of the decisions that result is no less important. If you participate in a mediation, you want experienced counsel to assist with your decision-making process.

Mandatory Mediation

In most circumstances in family law, mediation is discretionary, either by choice of the parties or when the judge may decide to order it. But if you and your child’s other parent cannot come to an agreement regarding your custody and placement elements of your divorce settlement, mediation becomes mandatory.

Cooperation Is Important

During mediation, each side will list the most important elements of a settlement. The mediator will assist with focusing the discussion on these elements and developing a solution that may involve compromise or concessions from each side. If this seems like a reasonable method of resolving your differences, you may be a good fit for mediation.

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