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Establishing A Guardianship For Someone In Need

When someone in your life loses the ability to care for their child, seeking guardianship over that child may be the necessary course of action to protect the child and their future. Obtaining guardianship when you are not fluent in Wisconsin guardian laws can make the process extremely difficult. Instead of going through the process on your own, let a compassionate attorney help you through it.

At Thelen & Associates, LLC, we have been representing clients in their family law needs since 1991. We are proud to protect the best interests of families with our legal skills and knowledge, and we are prepared to offer you the representation you need at such a sensitive time.

When A Guardianship May Be Necessary

In our experience, sisters, mothers and grandmothers often seek guardianship over children in their families for many different reasons. Whether a child’s parent is no longer willing or able to care for their child due to incarceration, substance abuse, medical concerns or anything else, we can help you build a case to place their child under your care.

Once you are a guardian of a child, it becomes your legal obligation to oversee matters such as:

  • Military enlistment
  • Medical treatment
  • Legal representation
  • Marriage consent
  • Relocation requests
  • Reasonable visitation requests

There is a lot of paperwork involved with the application process for guardianship over a child, and we are experienced lawyers who can simplify this process and even reduce the time it takes to complete it. Our goal in family law cases is to protect the best interests and needs of our clients and the children involved in their cases, and we are prepared to do what is necessary to accomplish this goal.

Do Not Leave Things To Chance

If you need help confirming whether you have grounds to file a guardianship petition or you are looking for guidance through the process, then contact us today. Call our offices in Waukesha and Mukwonago at 262-200-8002 or email our firm here to schedule your initial consultation.