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Protecting Your Elders With Committed Representation

As we grow older, it is vital that we do everything we can to prepare for the future. Estate planning can secure our best interests once we pass on, but it is the elder law matters that affect us directly when we are in our golden years. Instead of trying to manage these issues on your own, let a skilled attorney guide you through your elder law needs.

At Thelen & Associates, LLC, we provide our clients with the compassionate representation they deserve from their elder law lawyers. We understand the impact these concerns can have on your well-being, and we want to be the ones who help you rest easy knowing that your wishes will be followed in the event that you’re no longer able to communicate them yourself.

How We Help Our Clients

The area of “elder law” covers many different legal issues. We are Wisconsin attorneys who take the time to work closely with our clients to ensure that we have the information we need to efficiently and effectively guide them through their legal needs, including issues involving:

  • Social Security benefits and applications
  • Long-term care
  • Medicare benefits
  • Elder abuse
  • Guardianship appointments and duties

Our goal for you in these and other elder law cases is ensuring that we have accounted for all the details in your situation before developing a personalized plan that pursues the optimal outcome in your case. As we represent your best interests, you can be confident knowing that a legal team with extensive experience is looking out for your best interests.

Get The Help You Need

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