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Seeking The Protective Services You Need

In family law matters, there are several legal measures that can be pursued to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. These safeguards are meant to shield you and your loved ones against abuse, neglect and other forms of emotional and physical damage, but securing them can sometimes be more difficult than you might expect. When you need help defending your family, let skilled Wisconsin family law attorneys be your advocates.

At Thelen & Associates, LLC, we have decades of experience helping families through their family law concerns. Since 1991, we have provided our clients with the compassion, respect and representation they need from their family law attorneys. We understand the importance of having protective services in place when you need, them and we are committed to helping you establish them as soon as possible.

How We Help Families

For years, we have represented clients in these cases, which can involve intensely challenging and sensitive matters. Our experience in these situations can be the advantage you need when dealing with issues such as:

  • Children in need of protection (CHIPS)
  • Juveniles in need of protective services (JIPS)
  • Mental health commitment for juveniles (Chapter 51 of Wisconsin code)

In our time practicing law, we have learned that every case we take is unique and that we cannot apply the same approach to every situation, no matter how similar they may seem. As a result of learning this lesson, we have devoted our work to treating our family law clients like members of our own family, and we want to be the lawyers you can turn to when you need help.

Begin Working Toward A Resolution Today

When abuse, neglect, endangerment or parental incapacity is threatening you or a loved one, let us help put an end to that danger. Call our offices in Mukwonago and Waukesha at 262-200-8002 or email our firm here to schedule your initial consultation today.