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Getting An Equitable Division Of Property

Most people think that divorce means everything is split equally. But that is rarely true. What is true is that property and assets are divided “equitably.” Equitable division means that things may not work out to be exactly equal. Many things can affect this.

At Thelen & Associates, LLC in Waukesha, we understand that a major cause of anxiety for people divorcing is concern about whether they will have enough to live on. Part of that uncertainty includes not knowing who will get the house.

Everything Is Divided, Including Debts

When a couple divorces, everything gets divided. This includes debt. Most debt, including credit card debt, is considered marital (belonging to both people).

Joint or marital property can include:

  • The family home
  • The family car
  • Real property, including land parcels or owned rental properties
  • Vacation homes, including timeshare
  • An IRA, 401(k) or pension, depending on the length of the marriage and roles of each spouse

Every marriage and every divorce is different. It is important to speak with your attorney about debts and assets when it comes to property division in Wisconsin and to get your divorce questions answered.

Work With An Experienced Firm

At Thelen & Associates, LLC, lead attorney Kris Thelen and her staff are committed to getting you through your divorce in a way that best protects your interests. We offer approachable and responsive legal counsel on Wisconsin property division. We will answer your questions and explain things in clear language so that you understand what is happening, what will happen and what can happen. Call 262-955-8241 to speak with a member of our team about how we can help. You can also reach us via website connection email.