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Legal Separation And Wisconsin Divorce

In Wisconsin, legal separation is similar to divorce in many ways. Many of the procedures and forms that are used are the same as in divorce. The waiting period of 120 days is also the same. However, there are some critical differences between divorce and legal separation that you need to be aware of. Legal separation does change your relationship, but it doesn’t end the marriage.

Here at Thelen & Associates, LLC, we know that a legal separation can be a useful tool for many people who are looking for a divorce lawyer. For over 30 years, we have helped our clients explore all of their options and seek the best possible future for themselves and their families. Our Waukesha attorneys stand ready to help you make the right decisions and will guide you through this difficult time.

Differences Between Divorce And Legal Separation

If you get divorced, your marriage is over. If you get a legal separation, you can do things such as dividing custody and splitting up assets. With legal separation, however, the marriage will still exist legally, and neither person can get married to anyone else as long as that is true.

Often, couples will use legal separation to see if they definitely want to move forward with a divorce. They do have the option to reconcile whenever they want, ending the separation, and they also have the option to convert it into a divorce. This can make the divorce itself go a bit more smoothly because many of the major decisions concerning property division and support will already have been made due to the legal separation.

Experienced Legal Guidance

The laws regarding divorce and legal separation can be complicated, and those going through this process need to know exactly what steps to take. If you have any questions or if you want to meet with our experienced and empathetic legal team, just contact us online or dial 262-200-8002 today.