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Key financial considerations attendant to divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorce is inevitably a trying process characterized by a host of difficult emotions. Given the conflicting feelings that often accompany the decision to dissolve a marriage, it can be all too easy to overlook critical financial decisions that can have a lasting impact. As such, it is important for those contemplating the end of a marriage in Wisconsin to keep several key considerations in mind.

Financial planning for divorcing couples

In order to emerge from the wrenching process of divorce on the best possible footing, it is necessary to pay close attention to the financial implications of the impending split and to ensure that the needs of each spouse and of any minor children are fully addressed. Essential components of a post-divorce financial plan include:

  • Alimony for a non-working or low-earning spouse
  • Child support for minor dependents
  • Division of interests in marital home
  • Splitting of retirement assets
  • Allocation of tax-related obligations and benefits

By carefully assessing each of the above categories of financial concern, a divorcing couple stands a much better chance at reaching a mutually agreeable arrangement that produces the most equitable division of assets possible.

Paving the way for efficiency

There can be little doubt that the process of dividing assets accumulated over the course of a marriage is one fraught with stress, disagreement and sometimes great anger. However, by ensuring that all necessary documentation, including bank account and investment statements, tax returns, pay stubs, insurance policies, property titles and the like are all on hand and organized, the ordeal will pose much less of a challenge.

For some, the psychological strain of divorce is so overwhelming that there is a real risk of letting future financial stability fall by the wayside due to frustration or inattention. However, by remaining focused on the road that lies ahead and taking a methodical approach to property division, it is possible to land on a resolution that suits both parties’ needs and preserves the well-being of minors whose interests might otherwise get lost in the shuffle.