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Crafting a parenting plan that succeeds

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A parenting plan is a key tool that can help people successfully raise their children after a Wisconsin divorce. Because it is drafted as the parents are in the middle of ending their marriage, the process might be complicated. However, if parents can set aside their tensions and focus on the best interests of their children, they can create a plan that will help them succeed.

The basics

At a minimum, parenting plans must include the custody schedule, outlining when the children will be with each parent. It should also include how and when exchanges will be made. Other matters that should be addressed include:

  • Who will make decisions regarding such topics as education, child care, religion, extracurricular activities and routine health care
  • How child support will be established and how child-related expenses will be covered
  • The method for resolving any conflicts that surge between the parents when it comes to their children’s upbringing
  • How the children will communicate with each parent when they are with the other parent
  • Information on the children’s health care, including a list of their doctors and how the children’s health insurance costs will be covered

Other information that can be included

Successful parenting plans usually go above and beyond the basics. Parents can include information on the rules they expect the children to follow in both homes as well as how discipline will be administered. Additionally, they should include how vacation time and important days and holidays will be divided. Parents can also choose to include information on how they will introduce the children to anyone new they are involved with.

Crafting a parenting plan to help you succeed means going into negotiations with your child’s other parent with an open mind and a willingness to compromise. These same skills will help all of you.