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Getting ready for mediation

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Wisconsin couples looking for an alternative to litigation to resolve their divorce issues can consider mediation. In some cases, mediation might be ordered by the court but even when it is not, couples can request mediation to discuss and negotiate solutions to their divorce issues. In most cases, mediation seems to be a successful tool for reaching a divorce agreement. If, however, the couple fails to resolve all their issues, they might still head to court to figure out the ones that have not been resolved.

Benefits of mediation

Many couples choose mediation due to the many benefits it provides. These include:

• Faster resolution of divorce issues

• Lower financial cost

• Privacy and confidentiality

• More control over the solutions to the couple’s problems

• Higher chance both spouses will respect the agreement

Issues to discuss during mediation

The length of time and cost of mediation will vary depending on the complexity of the divorce. However, couples can discuss and resolve a variety of issues during mediation, including:

• Child custody and support

• Spousal support

• Parenting plan

• Division of assets

• Pensions, retirement accounts and insurance policies

Preparing for mediation

Before the mediation sessions begin, both spouses should prepare for the mediation process. During this time, each spouse should gather documentation related to all their assets and debts, income earned and tax documents. As well, each spouse can meet with financial experts who might offer information that can be useful during the negotiations. Each spouse should also begin making a negotiation plan that includes their goals for the mediation, their expectations and even what they are willing to part with to achieve their goals. They should also anticipate their spouse’s interests and goals.

Mediation as a tool for resolving divorce issues can also help you maintain an amicable relationship with each other. This can be very important if you are parents who will need to work together as you raise your children.