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What are the main types of alimony in Wisconsin?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2022 | Spousal Support |

Life after divorce can bring the excitement that comes with starting over. Unfortunately, post-divorce life isn’t always easy from a financial standpoint. To help remedy this problem, Wisconsin has a set of alimony laws. Here are the four main types of alimony practiced in Wisconsin.

Limited-term or temporary spousal maintenance

Otherwise known as rehabilitative support, limited-term spousal maintenance is applicable when one person needs short-term financial assistance and time to obtain education or training. By obtaining this training, this same person can obtain a job that provides them with financial freedom post-divorce.

Permanent spousal maintenance

More common among older or disabled individuals, permanent spousal maintenance is a type of alimony paid out for the remainder of another party’s lifetime. This arrangement is usually selected when one party in a divorce has difficulties earning a living on their own.

Lifestyle maintenance alimony

Sometimes confused with permanent spousal maintenance, lifestyle maintenance is one of the most commonly awarded types of alimony. Receiving this type of payment allows someone to live the same lifestyle that they did while married.

Reimbursement support

The least common type of spousal support is reimbursement support. Someone would have needed to put their ability to earn money on hold to help their spouse get ahead on their chosen career path. In some cases, taking time off work to provide this type of assistance can entitle you to receive reimbursement.

It’s important to note that Wisconsin alimony law states that the former marriage’s higher earner will be the one sharing income with their ex-spouse. If you earned more than your spouse, you may be required to make alimony payments.