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The unexpected aspects of divorce

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Property Division |

Marriages that end in divorce leave spouses shaken. No one expects married life to end in a legal dissolution, but such things happen, as the high divorce rate will attest. Some marriages are so troubled that a divorce decree from a Wisconsin family law judge leads to relief. Anyone dealing with an abusive or irresponsible spouse likely looks at divorce as a way to start over. However, many don’t realize ending a marriage could come with unexpected complexities.

Unexpected issues with a divorce

For many, the cost of a divorce could prove shocking. Legal fees and support awards are not the only expenses involved. A newly single person might not realize how expensive things are after 20 years of marriage. That’s not to say that they don’t know what goods and services cost, but they may never have had to deal with expenses on a single income before. Some matters may have been the responsibilities of a partner. Now, one person had to deal with everything and all related expenses.

More responsibilities arise

Life comes with both expenses and responsibilities. If the divorce settlement ends with one spouse gaining full ownership of a home, they must must deal with all the maintenance, insurance, and other responsibilities involved.

Other responsibilities come into play, such as saving for retirement, investing any savings, and other duties that once relied on joint decisions. Perhaps spending time learning about these various responsibilities could help with decision-making steps. This way, the chances of making better decisions may improve.

Staying in a marriage that doesn’t work would be impossible for many. Divorce could be the right option, but anyone seeking a divorce may benefit from preparing for post-marriage life.