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Mediation for better communication

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Mediation |

One of the things that you might be asked to do or that you might consider while going through a divorce in Wisconsin is mediation. This is when you sit down with your spouse and talk to someone who can offer an outsider’s view about some of the issues that you might have and how you can better communicate with each other. Here are a few tips so that this process can be successful.


During your divorce, you might have a few negative feelings about your spouse. However, a benefit of mediation is that you can talk about these feelings and work to compromise about issues that you have that could impact your finances and your children. Try not to think of winning in the divorce as each person should be treated fairly. There are things that each person will need to give and take in order for the divorce to be successful.


Make lists of the things that you want to talk about during the mediation process. This could be a list of the assets that you share together and how they could be split as well as the debts that you have together. You can also make lists about the holiday schedule for your children or how you want to handle custody if you don’t want to go to court. This can help you stay organized and address the emotions and issues that you have.


You want to listen to what the mediator has to say. They will likely offer tips about how to communicate so that you can be the best parents for your children and can help with learning how to cope with being away from each other.

A way that you can make better decisions with your spouse instead of arguing is by going through mediation.