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What are the most notable benefits of mediation for divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Mediation |

Divorce can be stressful for your entire family. If you and your spouse have decided to call it quits, you might dread going into a Wisconsin family court to settle things. However, mediation might be a better option.

It saves you time

Compared with a traditional divorce that takes place in a courtroom in front of a judge, mediation can save you a lot of time. Your divorce can be final in as little as two to four months. This is a much faster process than a court divorce, which can take a year or more.

It saves you money

Divorce mediation is a much cheaper alternative to going to court to dissolve your marriage. You and your former spouse will both be glad to save thousands of dollars. This can take a lot of the burden off both of you so you can plan for the future.

It’s less stressful

Traditional divorce is always more stressful. You might battle it out with your former spouse with both of your attorneys in the courtroom. Things can certainly get ugly and uncomfortable. In comparison, if you get divorced through the mediation process, it can be a huge weight off both your shoulders. Mediation gives you the chance to openly discuss all your concerns in a rational way so that you can reach an agreement on your divorce. Not only will you and your spouse be calmer, but it’s also better for your children.

You’re both in control

As you and your spouse rely on negotiations and working together to settle your divorce through mediation, it lets you both be in control. You’re both equals in the process and don’t have to worry about losing control of the process to the other party.

Things remain private and confidential

In a traditional court divorce, the proceedings are public. This is not the case with mediation. Everything discussed remains private and confidential between you, your former spouse and the mediator.

Mediation can be the best thing for everyone. You can get a quicker divorce and take comfort in things going smoother for your family.