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How devastating is emotional abuse?

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Abusive relationships take many forms, and no kind of abuse is acceptable. Emotional abuse could lead many individuals to file for divorce in Wisconsin. Often, emotional and physical abuse occur together, but emotional abuse remains devastating even when not accompanied by physical assaults. Those suffering from an emotionally abusive spouse may wish to call attention to the behavior during divorce proceedings.

Emotional abuse and its impact

When one spouse emotionally abuses another, the relationship may become a toxic and destructive one. Divorce may prove to be the only solution if counseling fails, or one spouse outright rejects going to therapy.

Emotional abuse tends to go hand in hand with verbal abuse. A verbally abusive spouse may threaten or demean his or her significant other continually. Threats of physical violence could cause long-lasting harm even when actual violence does not occur.

Verbally aggressive and intimidating behavior may ruin a person’s self-confidence and leave him or her in a constant state of fear. Such psychological abuse may be extremely unhealthy for the individual’s well-being.

A devastating and draining relationship

Dealing with a verbal and emotional abuser could become incredibly draining. Someone who watches what he or she says all the time is not likely living in a healthy and stable environment. When dealing with his or her spouse’s outrageous mood swings, belittling behavior and inappropriate conduct may cause someone to discover that the situation is unbearable.

Emotional abuse may take subtle forms, including the withholding of praise and affection. An abuser may try to dismiss terrible comments and behaviors as attempts at being funny. The abuser could try to blame the victim for taking things “too seriously.” Such attitudes are hardly appropriate.

Spouses who are tired of dealing with any form of abuse may speak with a family law attorney. A lawyer could take steps to file the necessary divorce paperwork.