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Have you considered mediation for your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2021 | Mediation |

When many people think of divorce, they think of a lengthy courtroom battle between two people that used to be in love and who now hate one another. However, there are other options for couples who are dissolving their marriage in Wisconsin. There are several benefits to opting for divorce mediation when a marriage is over.

Financial benefits of divorce mediation

The first benefit of divorce mediation is that it is generally a cheaper option than litigation. Going to court for a protracted battle can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $40,000 while mediation typically runs around 10% of that number. Both parties can exit the marriage in better financial position if they choose mediation.

Personal empowerment in divorce mediation

Mediation gives each person more control over the divorce process than litigation does. If a case goes to court, the power shifts from the couple to their lawyers and a judge. In mediation, both parties are in more control of the negotiation process.

Privacy in divorce mediation

If the parties involved in the divorce are famous or the divorce takes place in a small town, a court case has a way of picking up steam in local or national media. However, mediation is a very private process that garners very little media attention. In many cases, the divorce can be finalized through mediation without anyone finding out.

Benefits of divorce mediation for children

If your marriage is ending and there are children involved, opting for mediation is much easier for them. Instead of a nasty legal battle where children are often asked to testify in regard to custody arrangements, mediation allows the adults to handle any issues regarding their children themselves.

Choosing mediation over litigation does not eliminate your need for an attorney. Legal counsel can be of assistance throughout the process and can prepare the final agreement to submit to the court for its approval.