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Traits to look for in a divorce mediator

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2023 | Divorce, Mediation |

Ending your Wisconsin marriage is almost certain to be a life-altering process, especially if bad blood is involved. And the complications and stress are multiplied if there are children involved, significant and varied assets, or both.

For many couples, divorce mediation is an invaluable tool in navigating the proceeding promptly and with a minimum of conflict. But not all divorce mediators are able to deliver tangible benefits. Be on the lookout for certain traits if you’re choosing one.

Technical know-how is a must

Divorce mediation is much more than generic counseling or therapy. In order for a divorce mediator to succeed, they need to have a comprehensive knowledge of divorce law and the ability to explain your options clearly and concisely. The mediator’s job is to work with you to develop a plan, and it’s impossible to execute that task without encyclopedic understanding of the legal and financial aspects of a divorce.

Additionally, a divorce mediator ought to be well-versed in handling complex divorces, ones involving major assets to be divided and thorny child custody issues. You want a mediator who’s seen it all and knows how to handle complicated situations.

Empathy and fairness are key

Just as important as legal and financial expertise is the way your divorce mediator presents themselves and treats both partners.

A divorce mediator is an advocate for both parties, and needs to create an environment where each partner believes wholeheartedly that the mediator is “on their side”. Otherwise, the mediator isn’t going to be effective, as a partner who feels slighted is unlikely to work constructively in that environment.

And a divorce mediator who can project strong empathy is a major plus. By making a connection based on mutual understanding, a mediator can guide both parties toward the most favorable resolution.