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Divorcing: How will it affect the children?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce is a challenging and complex decision in Wisconsin and other locales, especially when spouses consider how it might impact their children. While individuals often see divorce as a negative event, in some cases, it can produce positive outcomes for every family member. The following points illustrate how divorce may benefit for children.

More stability and less conflict

Divorce can give parents the space to reduce their conflict, creating a more peaceful, stable environment for the children. When children live in less conflict, they can focus better on learning, social skills and overall development. Leaving an unhealthy marriage lets parents create a more positive and supportive environment for children to thrive. Post-divorce, when parents remain loving, engaged, responsible and collaborative, they can often create a more supportive environment for their children than if they had stayed married.

More success as co-parents

After a divorce, parents have an opportunity to place their priority on co-parenting and uniting to do their best at raising their children. Without the pressure and emotions from a difficult or failing relationship, parents can work together more effectively and have improved communication. These changes lead to a more positive, collaborative parenting experience and a consistent, stable presence in their children’s lives.

Individual fulfillment

Divorcing can provide parents the freedom to pursue goals and interests that may have caused conflict within the marriage. When each parent is fulfilled in their personal life, they are more able to provide patience and a loving, supportive environment for their children. Parents can model healthy self-care and personal fulfillment, teaching their children to value their needs and interests.

Positive role models

Remaining in a high-conflict marriage can teach children that unhealthy dynamics represent normal life. Divorce allows parents to model healthy relational behavior such as boundaries, healthy communication, self-respect and conflict resolution. Leaving an unhealthy or dysfunctional relationship teaches children to form healthier relationships.

While divorce is emotional, complex and challenging, parents should not always view it negatively. When parents prioritize their and their children’s well-being, divorce can provide a stable, supportive and beneficial outcome for all family members.