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Drafting child custody agreements

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Custody and Parenting Time |

Divorce negotiations involve many things, and not all center on financial support or asset distributions. Child custody agreements and parenting plans could become critical and even contested elements of settlement talks. Ultimately, a Wisconsin family court judge will review a proposed agreement, so it makes sense to craft a workable one that serves a child’s best interests.

Writing the parenting plan

The child custody agreement would likely establish a joint physical custody arrangement, although both parents could possibly agree to sole custody. Agreements might require both parents to work out their differences, and the negotiations may become contentious.

When the parents disagree on things easily, it might be necessary to enter mediation. The alternative could involve the judge making decisions when the parents can’t come to an accord.

The draft agreement may detail visitation schedules and other elements associated with a parenting plan. Parenting plans could garner court scrutiny since these plans provide details about actual child care and rearing.

Parenting plan arrangements

Child custody and parenting time agreements could establish decisions about everything from the child’s education to religion. Details about pickup and drop-off times may appear in the text. Special elements, such as which parent will oversee extracurricular activities or vacations, might find their way into the document.

The court won’t likely appreciate any vagueness in the agreements. Precise details paint a clearer portrait of how the newly divorced parents intend to raise the child. Making the plans as specific as possible could lead to the court approving things more quickly.

The court might have questions about items in the plan or request changes. Parents could then work together to reach an agreeable result.