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How to handle parental alienation

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Custody and Parenting Time |

In a Wisconsin court’s eyes, parental alienation is one of the worst things that a parent can do. The court will punish the behavior severely, right up to the point of changing the custody agreement. Here is what you should do if it is happening to you.

Parental alienation is wrong and can be punished

Parental alienation is when one parent tries to turn the children against the other parent. It is incredibly destructive to the children since they need strong relationships with both parents. The person who is on the receiving end cannot pretend that it is not happening. Even though it is horribly wrong and unfair, he or she must still take steps to deal with the situation. As difficult as it may be, the parent should never blame the children. They are impressionable and being manipulated, and it is not their fault.

Stay the course and do the best you can

Individuals need to keep working on their own parenting skills and try their best to improve their relationship with their children even when it seems impossible. The children will most likely come around eventually, and they will appreciate that parent’s efforts. At the same time, parents should also deal with the situation. If they cannot handle the matter directly with their ex-spouses, they should involve the court. Judges do not like parental alienation, and they may even take away the alienating parent’s custodial rights because the situation is not in the children’s best interests.

Child custody and parenting time issues can create thorny arguments between the parents, both during the divorce and afterward. You should always seek the advice and counsel of a family law attorney to help you deal with the situation. These are high-stakes issues because they impact your parenting and your children’s best interests.