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Property Division

When a couple has been married for any length of time, it is likely that they have obtained assets together. If the marriage is dissolved, those assets need to be valued and divided in a manner that is fair.
Whatever position you find yourself in today — whether you are wrestling with complex assets and division of a family business, have a large amount of debt and are concerned about how to divide it, or you have many points of agreement but need a lawyer to tie up the loose ends — contact our Milwaukee and Waukesha property division attorneys.
We provide our clients with options, information and support to arrive at a property settlement agreement they can live with. Mediation is a cost-effective method for resolving disputed issues for couples who wish to work together and can do so with honesty and openness to the process. Attorney Kris Thelen is certified mediator who can assist you in the event that you are handling the case on your own, pro se, or that one or both of you have hired other lawyers to handle your case.

In most cases, property that you obtained while you were married is considered marital property. (In some instances, a gift or inheritance will be considered separate property.) 

When a couple has been married for any length of time, it is likely that they have obtained assets and debts together. Additionally there are assets and debts that may have been brought into the marriage by one or both of the parties. If the marriage is dissolved, those assets need to be valued and divided in a manner that is fair and considers the needs of both parties. Another step of the property division process involves determining if any of the assets are protected individual property. Because we have extensive experience with divorce, we have also dealt with many levels of property division. With the use of computer software and the assistance of experts, if needed, we can ensure your best results for now and in the future.
If you are concerned that your former partner has been hiding assets, has improperly spent down your marital savings or has not declared all assets, then a thorough investigation and litigation in family court will likely be needed.
If you had a prenuptial agreement in place, that agreement will generally guide the division of assets and real estate.
Contact a property settlement lawyer today to learn more about how Wisconsin family law looks at property division, homes and personal property, and marital debt.