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Post Judgment

A post-judgment action is any action brought after a divorce has been granted. These actions can be for contempt or enforcement (one party hasn't done what they were ordered to do in the divorce) or for modification (one party want to change something that has been ordered). Most of the issues listed in the divorce section may be brought back into court at a later date for a post-judgment action. Our divorce lawyers will work with you regarding the appropriate timing of each of the available actions.

If you pay child support and your financial or family situation has changed, or if you receive child support and your child's financial needs have changed, you may be able to seek a modification of support. As your child support lawyers, we work to prove that circumstances have changed and therefore a modification is needed.

‚ÄčAs more and more people experience job losses and business reductions, it is becoming increasingly common for alimony-paying spouses to seek a reduction or discontinuation of spousal support. Increases in the other party's income or changes in his or her financial situation, including remarriage or cohabitation, may also allow you to seek a reduction in your support obligation. If you have experienced a significant change of circumstance, it is important that you take your case back to court. Failing to pay your court-ordered alimony can result in wage garnishment and even jail time. We can help you bring your case back to court.
If you are receiving spousal support and have experienced a substantial change in your financial need or if your ex-spouse has enjoyed a significant increase in earnings, you may be entitle to an increase in either the amount of support you receive or the length of time that you receive support.