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Guidance Through the Wisconsin Divorce Process

Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state. This means that you do not need to prove that one or the other spouse was at fault in causing the divorce. There is no required period of legal separation and you do not need to live apart before you can file for divorce in Wisconsin. There is a required 120-day waiting period from the time you file for divorce until you can be granted a divorce.
1. A divorce action begins with filing of a "Summons and Petition for Divorce."
2. The pleadings are served on your spouse.
3. Your spouse may file a "Response and Counter-Claim."
4. Temporary orders are entered two to six weeks after the divorce paperwork is filed. The temporary orders will provide direction for how financial and child matters will be handled during the period of the divorce proceedings, including granting of temporary spousal support, determining who will live in the home, how bills will be paid and how custody and visitation will operate.
5. A pretrial hearing is held approximately four to six months after the divorce paperwork is served. Our goal is to complete the divorce on this date.  If issues remain in dispute or information has not yet been provided, a trial date will be set.
6. If a settlement is reached before the trial date, a stipulated "Entry of Divorce" will be provided to the court.
7. If all issues are not resolved, a trial will be held before a family court judge and remaining issues will be presented to the court to decide.