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At Thelen & Associates, LLC, we understand the difficulties that arise during divorce. We bring to your case both creativity to help you envision solutions that will work for your family, and flexibility in helping you to arrive at a cost-effective resolution. If you need help filing for divorce in Wisconsin, contact our office today. 
  1. Property Division: When a marriage ends, the marital assets need to be valued and divided fairly, in a manner that considers the needs of both parties.

  2. Our firm has dealt with many types of property division disputes  from arguments over division of debts and home ownership to complex, high-asset cases.

  3. Spousal Support: As with other aspects of a divorce settlement, determining if alimony is appropriate and calculating amounts can be complex. Our firm uses the latest technology to calculate potential spousal maintenance awards. Our analysis is enhanced by our deep understanding of Wisconsin's family laws

  4. Child Custody and Placement: Custody decisions must be made regarding decision-making responsibility and physical placement of the child.

  5. Child Support: The visitation schedule will significantly affect the amount of child support that may be ordered. We will work with you to ensure that a child support order takes into account not only the Wisconsin child support formula but also health insurance and dependency exemptions.

We help our clients develop custody and visitation schedules as painlessly as possible, always placing supreme importance on the best interests of the child.

Guidance Through the Wisconsin Divorce Process