Obtaining Favorable Terms For Child Support And Spousal Maintenance

Child support and spousal maintenance are two highly contentious issues that must be resolved before a Wisconsin family court judge, who will approve a marital settlement agreement, granting a separation or divorce. Debates can become heated during the negotiation process for both obligations.

At Thelen & Associates LLC, our attorneys have represented families throughout Waukesha County for a range of family law matters, including child or spousal support negotiations. Our lead attorney, Kris Thelen, has over 20 years' of legal experience dedicated to family law practice. If you are engaged in separation or divorce proceedings, our legal team will work with you to obtain an agreement that is fair.

Securing Your Financial Interests With Aggressive Negotiation

While Wisconsin judges are required to adhere to the state's formula for child support, family circumstances can affect how much money a parent is ordered to pay each month. Our lawyers are well-versed in child support guidelines and can identify factors that adjust the monthly arrangement such as:

  • Custody arrangements that incorporate a shared or split child placement
  • Serial family obligations in which one party supports more than one family
  • Income considerations

In contrast with child support requirements, there is no established formula that determines the amount owed for spousal maintenance, formerly known as "alimony." It is up to the court's discretion to determine whether spousal support should be awarded. Our attorneys can design an aggressive strategy that will help you maintain your lifestyle after your divorce.

In addition, our lawyers will advocate on your behalf in post-judgment actions such as:

  • Defense against contempt actions
  • Modification of support
  • Enforcement of support, including filing for back child support

Whether you need legal assistance during or after your divorce or separation proceedings, our legal professionals can explain all of the steps built into this process. We are committed to promoting your long-term success by helping you secure your family's financial stability.

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