Promoting Your Rights During Custody Negotiations

Debates over child custody and placement can escalate emotions between estranged parents. Although both parents may have the best interests of their child in mind during negotiations, each may have contrasting interpretations of this standard. To prevent disputes from prolonging an already tense experience, it helps to have a knowledgeable advocate guide discussions.

Our seasoned lawyer at Thelen & Associates LLC has advised parents and guardians throughout Waukesha County on the best course of action to pursue when addressing custody, placement and visitation concerns in Wisconsin's family courts. If you are struggling to find common ground with your child's father or mother regarding parental responsibilities, our attorney can help you resolve your dispute in or out of court.

Providing Straightforward Remedies For Complicated Conflicts

Our lead attorney, Kris Thelen, has compiled a record of success litigating and mediating a variety of family law disputes. With her guidance, our legal team will tailor an effective strategy that secures your rights concerning:

  • Primary or shared custody
  • Paternity and fathers' rights
  • Mothers' rights
  • Grandparent's rights
  • Third-party visitation rights
  • Unmarried parent custody rights

In addition, our firm handles complex custody matters, including:

  • Parental relocations and interstate custody
  • Emergency and temporary orders
  • Custody modification and enforcement

Complementing this range of legal offerings, our attorney is also qualified to serve in the capacity of guardian ad litem (GAL).

From our first consultation to our creation of a parenting plan to your enforced agreement, our firm can represent your interests throughout this legal process. With over 20 years' of legal experience, we find straightforward legal remedies for intricate custody matters.

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